The second general assembly of Occupy COP17 got under way with an inspirational account of the Caravan of Hope from one of its participants.

We then broke into 4 working groups; logistics and ideas for using the Speakers Corner space; outreach to the local community; connecting with the global occupy movement; and a protest outside the ICC against aluminium smelters.

The outcomes of all these working groups will be posted in a podcast later.

After the GA, AMbush arrived from the Climate Train and did a bit of guerrilla gardening, resulting in a beautiful new spot in speakers corner with grass replaced with native plants, herbs, fruit trees and tomatoes.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 30 November, we will kick off at 10am with a banner and sign making session (please bring materials if you can), followed by a live art performance by Ewok, spraying the Oil In the Soil image, and than a general assembly at 1pm.

Then stick around for an event hosted by the Indigenous Environment Network starting at 2pm.

From tomorrow there will be an Occupy COP17 presence at Speakers Corner all day every day, and we offer our support and solidarity to the other groups who are using the space.

On Thursday, 1 December at 1pm Occupy COP17 will be joining in with climate finance events and protests that will be tacking place from Speaker’s Corner. More details coming soon.

Please some down and join us, bring your ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm and get stuck in!



  1. Margot Kidder said:

    Thank God you are there. I am an old woman now, but I have been so inspired by the rising up of this intelligent and committed generation of young people that I am devoting all of my free time from now until this revolution succeeds to the Occupy Movement.

    Thank you all for your commitment to our dying planet. We need you desperately.

    Greetings from Occupy Bozeman (in Montana, USA) and from Occupy Montana.

    Margot Kidder

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