#OccupyCop17: Climate Justice General Assembly

Governments of the world are, for the 17th time, assembling to discuss how we react on an international scale to a changing climate. During these last 16 years a sane response to an unsustainable global culture has not been found.

Inside their assembly and inside their declarations the needs of the 99% are not being heard. Private corporations are occupying our seats in the UN climate talks and governments corrupted by corporate influence are claiming to represent our needs.They are abusing and pillaging the consensus process, once put in place to ensure even the smallest and most vulnerable had a say.

We, as a planet, have been shown we can no longer rely on the same structures that have allowed for famines, floods, hurricanes and massacres to escalate relentlessly. There is a historic responsibility, and a global necessity for action.

Here in Durban, where Nelson Mandela cast his first vote and Gandhi held his first public meeting, we’re putting out an invitation to anyone who wishes to have their voice heard: to join a dialogue of how we must react to ensure the present culture of 1% of the worlds population does no injustice to the future of the 99%.

On Monday, November 28th at 11am, as representative from 192 nation-states begin their talks, we will also meet.

This a humble invitation for all, to come and engage in an open and peaceful General Assembly around the theme of climate justice.

In the spirit of general assembly’s from around the world we will talk, we will listen, we will learn, and we will respect each other through our process.

This is what democracy looks like.

It is time our voices were heard.

It’s time to #OccupyCop17

General Assembly

11am Monday 28th November

Speakers Corner

Walnut Rd/Bram Fischer Rd

Durban, South Africa


Comments on: "First Occupy COP17 General Assembly" (10)

  1. check out http://durbanknights.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/occupycop17-calls-for-general-assembly/ for pictures of the triangle of grass and trees designated as the venue for this #occupycop17 General Assembly

  2. Its Gandhi * . Great work by the way 🙂

  3. Will be there! Stand 2gether and talk as 1!!!

  4. Hope is a dead meme, at least with regard to national and international “leaders” taking the necessary actions to curtail emissions and other things our world needs. Remember “Hopenhagen” at the COP15 in 2009? Epic fail.

    Did you know that the international governments have already planned for this to fail? From a recent Danish news article:

    “EU drops US in climate battle”

    “The European Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard tells Jyllands-Posten today that she and the Commission have thrown in the towel and postponed a global battle to improve the climate for a further nine years. “We understand that Brazil, China and other major developing countries need time to develop. That requires growth and as a result they need to be able to emit more greenhouse gases for a period. But in 2020 at the latest we must have a system in which the major developing countries and the United States commit themselves,” Hedegaard says four days before the next major climate meeting in South Africa.” -Danish News X-Press Digest

    The international “leaders” have thrown in the towel before they’ve begun. They are inept and have utterly failed to meet the sprawling global challenge we face. Please, spare us from any further panglossian discourse about the “leaders” taking the high ground and doing the right thing. “When the people lead, the leaders follow.” It’s time for us to craft the future we want, together, now, and share the best practices of how. But first, let’s Occupy the dead hot air of their faux climate talks!

  5. Occupying COP-17 with a ‘resolution’ to this now 17-year inter-governmental stand-off means Parties to the UNFCCC aggreeing to negotiate within this environmental space-time constraint: – http://www.gci.org.uk/​Documents/​COP-17-350GTC-CandC.pdf

  6. If you are in durban, you should go and support Abahlali in their occupation of SOHOC today at 1pm http://abahlali.org/node/8517

  7. […] it explode? The highest hope of all in Durban was that civil society would either mobilize and Occupy COP, and/or establish a counter-power that would change the course of world events. For a variety of […]

  8. […] it explode? The highest hope of all in Durban was that civil society would either mobilize and Occupy COP, and/or establish a counter-power that would change the course of world events. For a variety of […]

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